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“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.”

- Mulan (1998)

Ms. Delgado is a very talented counselor on many levels.  Her drive and passion for coaching and financial guidance is immaculate.  She values her profession, unlike most, and for that I am a grateful student.

- Keith

Before coaching with Karen, I struggled with putting myself first and making my goals a priority.  Then Karen taught me that I have everything I need to accomplish my goals within me.  The three most significant results I've experienced from coaching with Karen are prioritizing self-care, embracing challenges because I am a warrior, and being open to exploring different sides of myself.  What I loved most about coaching with Karen is that she has a subtle, fun, and effortless coaching style that empowers her clients. She has the behavioral science background and knowledge of psychology to not only understand behavior, but also make connections.

- Latasha

Before coaching with Karen, I struggled a lot with my finances and having them organized in a way that I could follow.  Karen gave me all the knowledge and tools I needed to succeed.  She believed in me and my efforts to pull my credit score out of the rut.  Since working with Karen, I've managed to get my bills and finances back on track, and I raised my credit score over 100 points!  I'm so happy I decided to take this course of action for my life.  It's something I will literally use forever, not to mention I can pass down this same knowledge to my children.  Thank you Karen for all you have done for me.  You have contributed to my higher, greater self more than you will ever know!

- Jay


Karen is a great coaching partner.  She asked me the right questions to get to the root of my problems.

- Cindy

Before working with Karen, I struggled with finding time to take care of myself.  She taught me that goals should be broken down into smaller steps and within weeks I was getting back to the things I loved doing most.  My goals now seem more attainable than they did before working with her.

- Marielle

I highly recommend Karen Delgado as a life coach for anyone seeking support and assistance in achieving greater things in their life.  Karen truly embodies the spirit of the Resilient Phoenix and imparts that spirit to her clients through her unique encouragement, compassion, and straightforward counseling.  Drawing on her own life experience in overcoming unthinkable challenges, traumas, and tragedies, Karen brings exceptional authenticity and perspective to those who are trying to make sense of the confusion that life inevitably brings. Whether you're facing circumstances that feel beyond your control or a time of questioning things in your life that once felt sure, Karen’s coaching will set the stage for you to rise and flourish!

- Chad

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