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Karen Delgado Rodriguez

Hello, gorgeous!  My name is Karen and I want to help you step into the truest version of yourself.  I am a bilingual personal coach who helps women who struggle with a lack of motivation, self-esteem, and confidence, struggling to set boundaries in toxic relationships, or dealing with ailments such as fatigue and digestive issues, among other things. Utilizing a holistic, mindful, trauma-informed and God-centered approach, I can help you learn to honor yourself and break through the things that are holding you back.  Through support, education, and accountability, you will abandon your comfort zone and unlock your true potential.

What led me to become a coach?  The simplest answer is that I believe in the power of moving forward.

Throughout my journey, I have faced many hardships and unexpected turns that are an inevitable part of life, more than I could possibly count.  Needless to say, I have come face to face with the crushing disappointment and despair that grips us when unexpected pain and tragedy arise.  While answers have never come easily, I discovered an inner God-inspired resilience that I never knew existed.  With the right guidance, support, mindset, and effort, I have been blessed to move forward in ways I once thought impossible, completing my Bachelor's in psychology, becoming a financial counselor and certified family advocate, starting several businesses, and most importantly, becoming a certified life and health coach.  At the same time, I volunteer as a mentor to others who are developing as coaches to make a significant difference in other people's lives. I consider myself a motivational engineer, using my experience, faith, and my trauma-recovery story to empower others.  Let me help you move forward and discover your inner resilience.  You too will rise like a Phoenix!

Do the thing you think you cannot do. - Eleanor Roosevelt

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Throughout my professional journey, I have also developed a deep appreciation for honest, thoughtful, and meaningful efforts to foster safe, welcoming, and inclusive work cultures. Having experienced safe and unsafe working environments, I fully understand the deep impact that diversity, equity, and inclusion have in the workplace. As a certified DEI professional, I find great joy in helping organizations build models that create thriving team members.

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Awards and Recognitions

I am proud to be a 2024 Purple Ribbon Hopegiver Award recipient! The Purple Ribbon Awards are provided through to recognize Domestic Violence (DV) survivors as hopegivers across the DV movement. Recipients are recognized for the contributions of bravery, courage, and tireless work they have committed to the DV recovery field. You can learn more about the Purple Ribbon Awards here:


Vision -

My vision upon founding Resilient Phoenix Coaching is for every woman to rise from the ashes of her former self with resilience, embracing and becoming the phoenix she really is. 

Mission -

My mission with every client is to empower you to step into your truest self, to cultivate growth, and to promote a shift in mindset so that you exude confidence, allowing you to access and establish your 'alter ego' and embrace your power.

Your contribution helps us fund our programs and allows us to continue our mission to empower women to live their fullest lives!
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